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These trends have been changing marketing for luxury brands for good the recent years. As luxury customers are performing research and making purchases online, the need for print and display advertising has dropped dramatically. To survive and stay competitive, luxury brands need to adapt to the ever-growing digital age. In this guide, you will learn marketing strategies from specialists.

This website has a sophisticated advertising mechanism in the sense that geotargeting is 100% designed for the market for luxury and lifestyle exclusivity. The founder of Giuelith Luxury Brand Group Inc. also offers, like many other luxury brands media, a large selection of advertising formats on the website, everything from high resolution graphics ads to video ads as well as all thinkable content marketing alternatives. The Luxury Brands Reviews crew has exceptionally developed a particularly crucial incentive in the practical editing of the content on the website, number one; to strive to the utmost to provide completely unique material for the content of the website, number two; to achieve the highest quality and recurring luxury brands customer base exclusively through this.

What will characterize this website and which in many respects is more unique today than traditional digital advertising is that a selection of content must undergo a commission or a special expert panel before approving advertising. A selection of content on the website is simply sold out manually by experts in market integration and a program called Best Brand Awareness. The principle is well thought out and works great even for the most crucial factors and criteria that trigger search engine rankings and searchability in the right categories online. The basic principle of the expert panel is simply to summarize the state of knowledge on luxury brand marketing; as luxury customers are performing research and making purchases online.

Officially, the standard online ad formats you see on the web today, have been originally established by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) , an authority founded in 1996 to increase the quality level of the advertising marketplace in the US. The most common online ad formats are banners, flashing or animated ads on the top of the screen, skyscrapers, vertical usually found at the left or right side of a web page.

Here are some of the advertising solutions offered at The Luxury Brands Reviews by First when you find to the website you will get a exclusive impression and sense of the website design, feautures and look. We recommend that you hurry up! Book your advertising and brand awareness well in advance before all our advertising solutions are sold out and before our crew are too occupied creating marketing content for someone else.

Banner, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Small Buttons. Just like for newspapers and print magazines, also on the Web advertisers and publishers have defined over time an official set of “online standard ad formats”. Such ad formats represent the full range of visual and text-ad sizes available for use on public web pages. Characters in the ads should never be more than (including spaces) 100 for little ad formats like Buttons or Banners and 200 for larger ads such as Leaderboards or Skyscrapers. Since all browsers do not support Java, and the user can disable it, banner codes must be degradable and must serve a backup GIF file.

Visual and Text-ad are short descriptions that can be listed along different categories on the website. We can upon request provide text ad carousels and sliders as well. This is the basic of advertising with very low costs for advertising involved. Brief more effectively your web designer when in need of creating new ad areas.

The Online Video Advertising Market seems to show no decline despite the economic crisis. The last report from LiveRail shows that average CPMs keeps growing bravely, and internet video consumption has been experiencing a massive growth of 40% and more. If you want to get a comprehensive overview of the opportunities to monetize your existing video archive or your upcoming daily video production, the International Advertising Bureau has put together an official set of guidelines and metrics to make sense of the emergent set of standard in-stream video ad formats. We would recommend you to send us your video marketing strategy goals for review to the “Featured Business Video of the Month”. There is more options available to who only wish to get a video published. Get your Video Featured on the first page for $380/month. Have you ever been forced to sit through an advertisement before you could watch a video on YouTube or another video sharing website. These video ads are called pre-roll advertisements, and they’re typically short promotional videos. Those are worthless, and how stupid idea to force video adverts to a general public when you can get it target to those who really likes to see your video.

Related Content Ads. Have you ever noticed “sponsored” listings at the end of a blog post? These listings typically include small thumbnail images, persuasive and mysterious titles, as well as a call-to-action link encouraging you to click through and read more. These are related content ads, and they’re used to market a wide variety of forms of web content. From blog posts and sales letters to videos and interactive guides, any form of readable or viewable content can be promoted using these ads. We like these ads too, for the high clickthrough rates!

Which form of advertising is best for your business? Choosing the best form of advertising for your business is difficult. A good technique is to look at what your competitors are using, where they’re advertising and the formats of ads that they’re displaying. We would like to sell to you a marketing strategy campaign because of that. So consulting us about a marketing strategy package would not make you disapointed I think!

How do I Advertise? As you can see on the website, you can basically select the parts of our content marketing that are already there and we can start from that information by giving you a current ad availability and cost estimate.

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