I believe that today in this city there are still trade firms and shops that have a large share of their supply aimed at a national clientele, which would also develop sales outside the city’s borders, and even perhaps outside the country’s borders with a widened perspective and together with a revision of the capacity of each business. With today’s technological solutions, this opportunity has arisen and infinite numbers of different trade clusters have already been created over the years to create opportunities for more sustainable development and economic growth in many parts of the world. So to say, this genuine trade culture already exists. But what does trade development look like today?

While we are thinking about the idea of ​​compiling a product and service offering for monitoring nationally, I can warmly recommend an in-depth insight into the technological solution and service that we are creating here for national trade exchange online. We believe that we will be able to facilitate a versatile trade exchange for many companies through very cost-effective development strategies through our new marketing project “The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg –” – Re-developing and facilitating historic international trade, while developing sustainable industry environment with the development of a greater expansion in trade exchange through, classifieds ads, trade market portal, the real estate portal, and a second-hand market for environmentally friendly recycling of products that are not yet completely consumed yet. Our ambition is to provide all companies with a suitable online store solution for a basic range. And that in the long run we would achieve at least a 30% of the local businesses with trade outside the city borders.

Together, we can achieve this trade exchange for economic stability, better economic growth, sustainable economic development and a better environment for our city to live in.

Classifieds ads and stores in Hamburg

Boroughs and quarters of Hamburg

Allermöhe – Alsterdorf – Altengamme – Altenwerder – Altona-Altstadt – Altona-Nord – Bahrenfeld – Barmbek-Nord – Barmbek-Süd – Bergedorf – Bergstedt – Billbrook – Billwerder – Billstedt – Blankenese – Borgfelde – Bramfeld – Cranz – Curslack – Dulsberg – Duvenstedt – Eidelstedt – Eilbek – Eimsbüttel – Eißendorf – Eppendorf – Farmsen-Berne – Finkenwerder – Francop – Fuhlsbüttel – Groß Borstel – Groß Flottbek – Gut Moor – HafenCity – Hamburg-Altstadt – Hamm – Hammerbrook – Harburg – Harvestehude – Hausbruch – Heimfeld – Hoheluft-Ost – Hoheluft-West – Hohenfelde – Horn – Hummelsbüttel – Iserbrook – Jenfeld – Kirchwerder – Kleiner Grasbrook – Langenbek – Langenhorn – Lemsahl-Mellingstedt – Lohbrügge – Lokstedt – Lurup – Marienthal – Marmstorf – Moorburg – Moorfleet – Neuallermöhe – Neuenfelde – Neuengamme – Neugraben-Fischbek – Neuland – Neustadt – Neuwerk – Niendorf – Nienstedten – Ochsenwerder – Ohlsdorf – Osdorf – Othmarschen – Ottensen – Poppenbüttel – Rahlstedt – Reitbrook – Rissen – Rönneburg – Rothenburgsort – Rotherbaum – Sasel – Schnelsen – Sinstorf – Spadenland – St. Georg – St. Pauli – Steilshoop – Steinwerder – Stellingen – Sternschanze – Sülldorf – Tatenberg – Tonndorf – Uhlenhorst – Veddel – Volksdorf – Wandsbek – Waltershof – Wellingsbüttel – Wilhelmsburg – Wilstorf – Winterhude -Wohldorf-Ohlstedt

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