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We have today succeeded in acquiring the domain name for local classifieds in Hamburg and the surrounding area. The project was initially a proposal from the current business community in Hamburg, and we saw that we already dominate the search engines with the stratgy set up for Demarkt Hamburg, so why not seize the domain offered locally, and we made a difference! This SEO strategy will start sometime during June 2021.

With the help of everyone who wants to get involved in marketing themselves locally, we can in the near future achieve a powerful solution for a sales tool locally in Hamburg, but also nationally.

The goal of the first phase of the project will largely be to integrate the real estate industry in Hamburg. We will be able to offer a range of sales opportunities to an always available market for the existing property portfolio that is located here.

But it does not end there yet. As we have identified a number of hotels and commercial properties in the tourism industry as a particularly attractive investment area throughout Europe today, we will also have this as a focus for the market integration of the Real Estate portfolio.

Local Classifieds ads in Hamburg

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