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Allotment with Garden House in Hamburg

We are looking for a allotment for sale in Hamburg and the surrounding area. If anyone knows of one for sale or for rent, I have a client who is very interested in finding one. The requirement made here for a allotment was that there should be a completed small cottage on the plot and …

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The Domain Demarkt.Hamburg

We have today succeeded in acquiring the domain name for local classifieds in Hamburg and the surrounding area. The project was initially a proposal from the current business community in Hamburg, and we saw that we already dominate the search engines with the stratgy set up for Demarkt Hamburg, so why not seize the … Hamburg

German city of Hamburg

The city of Hamburg has a remarkable history of trade, economic power and autonomy, but also of war and hardship. Hanseatic league It all start in the year 808 CE, when Emperor Charlemagne ordered the construction of a castle on the marshy land between the River Elbe and the River Alster to fend off Slavic …

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

I believe that today in this city there are still trade firms and shops that have a large share of their supply aimed at a national clientele, which would also develop sales outside the city’s borders, and even perhaps outside the country’s borders with a widened perspective and together with a revision of the capacity …