Sowing and harvesting is a good description of the development process in your projects too.

We have all in one way or another had to undergo a change in an unusually offensive process in these times of Coronavirus since January 2020. In many contexts, this time has come to be characterized by an uncertainty for future developments. But for many it has also meant a time with a slightly lower degree of activity and a lower market influence. What, after all, is a series of positive signals for a crisis management perspective in the financial context is the forward-thinking spirit and the creativity that has more than usual prevailed in the international community.

What makes us think of new development opportunities and innovations are sometimes direct challenges that we face as businessmen and researchers. And tighter times naturally contribute to competitiveness in the level of development that can be defined as market power and competition.

In international trade, this time has meant on a broad front a challenging time that in the long run will strengthen the competitiveness of the market players who have chosen to work sustainably for development instead of sitting in a defensive position and waiting for a difficult time to then seize development issues for the business.

In the real estate industry, however, we have no direct indications of a slowdown due to all the limitations in the traces of the Coronavirus. On the other hand, our analysis has led us to clearly see a larger range of specific objects that would otherwise have been more rare and sought after. A shift in price picture may therefore come as a result of this time due to the real estate market.

With this said and with a creative and innovative time behind us in the form of input and analytical research, a new level of development has now gained momentum again, and we are therefore very proud that today we can present new projects as specifically developed tools and aids to industrial and business-related online and offline marketing, such as trading platforms and this advertising portal.

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