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Did your classifieds ads result in any verified sales for you recently?

Now it’s time to start your webshop online with a super good offer of 20 free product or service classifieds ads for your company. This offer is a really good solution for you who want to be visible to a customer base online.

Being constantly available or at least having a product range available around the clock for a potential market is of utmost importance for a profitable trade.

In addition, choosing an advertising strategy and marketing line that directly targets a current potential market with targeted marketing of your ads and / or store is what is crucial for successful sales.

This is what the Demarkt Europe internet agency and its staff have been striving to achieve, and the results are surprisingly good with the advertising networks where we can procure and then offer targeted marketing in geo targeting, category targeting, product targeting, and even local targeting for the most optimal result and of course for a successful sale.

In the future, we will structure our advertising network procurement to direct visits to the site clustered based on the number of relevant ads in a specific category, and stores regionally.

We are currently in a test round for a period to find out how offline flyers and bilboard ads can help create these massive clusters in a cost effective way. We also have procurements for radio marketing underway.


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