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During March and April 2021, we will conduct a special Alpha and Beta testing focuses largely on making sure that the website design and functionality are operating as planned. Beta testing of advertising portal is intended to test the features under a hard pressure. We estimate that the number of visitors will increase dramatically over a period of time. We will perform the Beta test with a secure server using the protocol.

This can help us to prioritize our pre-launch needs to just the bare essentials – which will help us get up and running more quickly.

As with anything, there are a few caveats to Beta testing:

Depending on the content previously provided to the web design team, you may see some filler dummy text and images. These are placeholders to show what your content may look like once implemented.

Note the site may still be in active development. As bugs are reported and subsequently squashed you will no doubt see changes while reviewing the site. This makes the specificity of your feedback in what you are seeing all the more important.

Keep in mind this is a revisionary process, and there will be many changes and updates made before launch. It is not going to be perfect immediately, which is why the beta phase exists.

Because not all traffic sources are verified and not specifically geotargeted, a visitor base for the Beta test will be covered by visitors from all over the world and from global segments of web traffic sources from around the internet.

During the Beta period March and April 2021, there will be active filters as well as manual functions with observation of activities on the website. This may mean that some ads will be sorted out of publication and that special spam filters for some words and phrases will also be generated using the data that emerges during the test period.

Nearly all issues can be fixed, however first they need to be reported. When reporting errors, providing as much information as possible will aid the developers in replicating and resolving issues as quickly as possible. Consider this checklist:

Diagnostic information:

  • Operating System & version
  • Browser & version
    Internet Explorer
    Safari iOS
    Android (default browser)

We want to thank you in advance, for your patience. And we still want to recommend advertising and registration of online stores even during the test period. The goal of the test is to create optimal conditions for trading in the long term for relevant stores and advertisements.

Where there are requests for improvement measures and / or complaints, you can contact us by email at linership (at) yandex (dot) com with reference to the source and case.

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